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  • Brandon peters (Friday, April 08 16 01:51 am EDT)

    Bass fishing
    Just pcsed from fort Lewis wa, and I was lookin for a fishing club.

  • Calvin Tarver (Wednesday, January 13 16 10:10 pm EST)

    Spring Tournament
    Looking forward to the spring tournament. Just hope my work schedule will work out this year.

  • James (Tuesday, January 12 16 12:14 am EST)

    Bass Fishing
    PCS from Fort Hood looking for a fishing club

  • daniel eatherly (Thursday, November 05 15 07:33 pm EST)

    would like to join the club, moved here fromm cal in 2012, have a 175 lowes stinger,with 60 hrsp mercury four sroke,I am a BASS O ALLIC!!! LOVE THE SPORT!! WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO COME A MEETING AND

  • Wayne Goodwin (Sunday, October 25 15 05:51 am EDT)

    Interested in becoming a member.

  • Rafael Morrison (Wednesday, September 16 15 09:10 pm EDT)

    New to Polk, love to fish
    Hello all! I have recently moved to Polk and I love to fish. Would love to join the group and get out on the water. I have only been bass fishing for about 10 years but I have been fishing since I
    was about five. I don't have a boat but that won't stop me. Look forward to hearing from the group.

  • Eric Wade (Tuesday, September 08 15 11:18 pm EDT)

    I still love you guys! Join back up with you next year.

  • Michael Murphy (Wednesday, August 26 15 08:45 pm EDT)

    Im going to be moving to Ft Polk in December and I am interested in joining the club. I do not own a boat, does the club allow back seat boaters?


  • Philip Baldwin (Thursday, July 23 15 08:59 pm EDT)

    Newly Arrived
    Hello everyone, I have been at Fort Polk for a while now. I have been looking for a good group to join in the last couple of months. One of my Co-workers recommended I look into join the FT. Polk
    Community Bassmasters. I am interested in joining and getting out on the water to get the lines wet.

  • Lanice Anthony (Tuesday, June 16 15 10:27 pm EDT)

    In love with a new hobby for life after the Military:
    Recently medicaly retired from the Army back in January of this year 2015. I do not have a full bass boat of my own as of yet but am familiar with marine boating safety. I just started back getting
    into fishing as a relaxation hobby that I have grown to love in a very short time. I am ready for the next step and would very much like to try and become a member of a local competetive freshwater
    fishing group or prestigous club that I may can start fishing competitively in some competitions with them. I retired out of Fort Polk and as a retiree, I decided to remain in onpost housing. I am a
    husband, and a father of 3 young beautiful children that I love very much. So could someone please get with me on initial qualifications and membership requirements so we may see if I fullfill the
    initial requirements and if the club members would allow me to become a member of this fine fishing club that honors an supports our military still serving and our retirees. And thank you very much
    for your time.

    I can be reached by email and by cell: 985-635-9374. Thank you very much again.

  • Harvey Goodwin (Saturday, May 23 15 11:08 pm EDT)

    Interested in joining the club.

  • Leslie Dowden (Friday, April 10 15 06:02 am EDT)

    tourney results
    The results from the spring open tourney on the 4th. Where can I find them ?

  • Dicky Fetting (Tuesday, April 07 15 07:54 pm EDT)

    Bass Tourneys
    Just wanted to say that your clubs always puts on quality open tourneys,and ya'll did an excellent job again this past weekend.
    Thanks for a great tourney!

  • Jerry Reno (Sunday, April 05 15 01:50 am EDT)

    results of th Bassmasters tourney
    looking for the results of the 25 th bassmasters tourney

  • Wayne Green (Friday, March 20 15 10:24 pm EDT)

    Green Acres Fishing Lodge
    Enjoyed viewing your website, if anyone is fishing Toledo Bend any time this year and you are looking for clean and safe (gated) accommodations please check us out at
    or call us at (318) 645-7444. We have 16 acres on the lake with three cabins, a boat launch, and a boathouse.

  • HaloBassMaster (Friday, February 13 15 04:17 am EST)

    Web Site
    This site looks good,
    Very good job Stewart
    Just to add can we put a flyer for the Spring Open entry form on the website or a link to it? Maybe add a picture of the front and back of the ones we are handing out?

  • PD Vinson (Tuesday, January 20 15 05:18 am EST)

    Summer Long Bass Tournament on Toledo Bend I have some brochures and stickers I would like to hand out at your next event if possible. 337-353-3381

  • Joe Trull (Thursday, January 08 15 01:08 am EST)

    Lets get it started
    Well done on the web site....

  • Jack Beasley (Monday, October 20 14 07:53 pm EDT)

    Stew, I think you are doing a great job. Thanks

  • steve weldon (Sunday, October 19 14 03:51 am EDT)

    looking at bass clubs
    looks like ya'll are doing a good job

  • Dion Robertson (Sunday, October 05 14 10:09 pm EDT)

    Joining the Club
    I am interested in joining the club. What is the process I need to about joining?

  • Tommy Harris (Tuesday, June 24 14 03:07 am EDT)

    Sportsmans Paradise
    Awesome site, congrats to Jimmy and Randy.

  • Johnathan Pine (Monday, May 05 14 06:26 am EDT)

    I am interested in joining the club. It got recommended to me by a friend. How do i go about joining?

  • Carl Thomason (Wednesday, March 26 14 10:30 pm EDT)

    I am stationed at Fort Polk and a huge angler. Fishing is my religion. Would love to know how to join and with whom to speak with. Willing to help out in anyway I can. Thanks

  • Greg Williams (Monday, March 24 14 03:06 am EDT)

    Open tournament
    How many boats do you normally have in the march open tournament? Can I fish as an individual ? Thanks , Greg

  • Philip Baldwin (Thursday, February 13 14 04:41 am EST)

    New to the Area
    Loved the website, I am current new to the area and have been out reconing areas for fishing this year and a friend of mine recommended that I check out this website. My whole family loves fishing
    and the outdoors. I am currently in the market for a reliable boat. If anyone has a contact that would be appreciated. I currently have all requirements to be able to rent a boat from MWR and state
    license. Very interested in fishing tourney's along with family activites for the kids or whole family. Thanks again and hope to see everyone on the water to get the line's wet.

  • Brian Gore (Thursday, December 26 13 09:51 pm EST)

    signature as requested
    great web site

  • Travis Pew (Thursday, October 31 13 06:49 am EDT)

    Interested in becoming a member
    Need More Info Please..I love bass fishing and just started really learning it. Would love to learn more and catch more fish!

  • Patty Lenderman (Tuesday, October 15 13 04:22 am EDT)

    Tournament schedules and results
    Please send your tournament schedules and results for The Lakecaster!

    Thank you

  • Calvin Tarver (Sunday, September 29 13 12:01 am EDT)

    Sorry i missed the fall tournament,but a buddy of mine fished and did well.He is getting better all the time.

  • michael elmes (Saturday, June 29 13 02:29 am EDT)

    open tournaments
    Your club puts on some great open tournaments!

  • Bill Richardson (Friday, May 31 13 07:49 pm EDT)

    Can't wait to attend the meeting on Tuesday.

  • ETHEL TAYLOR (Tuesday, April 30 13 01:25 am EDT)

    23rd Annual Spring open
    Congratulation Mr. Taylor I taught you well.

  • thomas sharp (Sunday, April 28 13 04:06 am EDT)

    wanting info on tounments.

  • Jesse cook (Thursday, April 25 13 09:01 pm EDT)

    Wanting to join
    Just checking to see how to join

  • Jesse cook (Thursday, April 25 13 09:01 pm EDT)

    Wanting to join
    Just checking to see how to join

  • Marty LaFleur (Wednesday, April 10 13 05:34 am EDT)

    Spring Open Tourney
    First time fishing spring open. Great tournament, very well organized. Looking forward to fishing again next year

  • Jayson Legg (Sunday, April 07 13 09:30 pm EDT)

    New Member
    Had a blast at the Spring Open! Thank You everyone, looking forward to the next tournament!

  • Tim Garcia (Friday, March 01 13 04:17 am EST)

    Nice Pics on the gallery page

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