2022 Constitution



This private organization shall be known as the Fort Polk Community Bassmasters. The club is a non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting and instructing the sport and art of angling, and the preservation of the environment.
Membership is voluntary and open to all persons, 16 years or older, regardless of race, creed, national origin, and sex or marital status. Denial of membership and/or expulsion from membership may occur when there is proof of ethical or legal misconduct, including but not exclusive of: unsportsman like conduct, violation of club, state, or federal laws, incidents concerning morals or a lack of integrity. If a situation occurs which may involve denial / expulsion, the following must occur: all alleged facts will be presented to the President, in writing, by the accuser(s). The President will review the statements and confront the accused, who, within ten normal working days, may provide a written statement and any proof necessary to prove innocence.
The President will call together a general membership meeting; present the written statement and any additional findings to the club for argument, discussion, and vote. If the accused is apparently guilty of violations of the state or federal law, the matter may be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agency for disposition. As a condition of membership, members must read this constitution and By-laws.
The elected club officers will consist of President, Vice President, and Secretary/ Treasurer. The term of office is one year.
Elections are conducted each December. The November newsletter is the minimum required means of notifying active club members of the elections. Absentee Voting: if the president has in his possession a signed letter reflecting the vote of an absent member, it will be counted for a nominated candidate. Individuals seeking nomination / re-election may inform the secretary for mention in the November newsletter. The first day of office for the newly elected officers will be the beginning of the new fishing year. In the event of a vacancy, the senior club officer will fulfill the duties of the vacancy until a special election can be scheduled and a new officer elected.
The constitution and by-laws will be reviewed at the November meeting. Any proposed changes will be considered and voted on at the December meeting. Once a decision has been reached the new constitution and by-laws will remain active for the entire following year.
The proposed changes will be sent out in the November newsletter to alert members who were not present at the meeting in which the changes were recommended. Those members have until the December meeting to notify one of the club officers of their vote. If no vote is heard from that member, the club will consider that member as abstaining. If the club accepts the proposed changes it will be changed in the constitution or by-laws for the following year.
Dissolution of the club requires a response from all active members. If dissolved, all club assets will be placed into one pot and a tournament will be held to distribute remaining funds.
MEETINGS: Conducted on the Tuesday prior to the monthly tournaments. (Tournaments are scheduled by a vote of the club members present). The President, or President's Designee, may call the club or individuals, to meetings for special purpose whenever required. Format for regular meetings will include: new business, financial report, and / or other information required by the club officers or membership.
QUORUMS: The number of active member votes necessary to conduct business for the club, usually the majority, which may include votes of "in favor", "not in favor", and "abstain". If a majority of the active members of the club are not present at the time a vote is needed an absentee vote will be allowed. These members will be notified in the monthly newsletter and will have the next club meeting to respond or they automatically abstain. These votes are as follows:
By-laws: A majority of active club members.
Constitution, Amendments to: A majority of active members.
Dissolution of the Club: A vote or response is required from all active club members.
ACTIVITIES: Affiliation and Association: When the club elects to become affiliated with, or join another organization, the rules of that organization will be attached to this Constitution as an addendum, if they are available. If the rules of the club are more stringent than those of the organization joined or affiliated with, a vote will be required by the club to determine if changes are required.
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